Friday, January 7, 2011

We're still here:-)

Happy New Year!

We're still here...our homestudy is almost done (YAY!) hopefully next week we'll have a draft to review, the homestudy agency and our social worker are going back and forth on their edits before we get to see it...also, hopefully next week we'll be able to share some news with you, but life is pretty interesting here in our house. Right now I am in January intensive classes and am pretty swamped and Ababa is gearing up to start school later this month.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my favorite Ethiopian adoption blogging families:

Zehlahlum Family

Rowan Family Tree

Injera and Chocolate Gravy

There are many, many, many adoption blogs and I find pretty much all of them interesting...these three I check often (ahem, daily, ahem...maybe more than daily...okay, I am the sole reason their visit stats are so high, I've read each of their whole blogs, twice, maybe 3 times...:-)

I think maybe we are destined to adopt a toddler, b/c looking at these, it turns out all my fave adoption blogs are families who have adopted toddlers:-)

It's so interesting to follow each family's journey to their child and see them becoming a family.

I love each one for a different reason.

Zehlahlum Family has had a really rough time with attachment since they arrived home in the spring.  Little Miss has a huge personality and with two new brothers very close in age to her, Jamey (the mom) has her hands full! But it's refreshing to hear a parent speak honestly about their struggles and to see the threads of attachment beginning to emerge.

Rowan Family Tree always feels like a breath of fresh air.  It makes me want to move to Canada, adopt twins, and make homemade bread:-)  The mama of this family is also on the board of Vulnerable Children Societywhich you might remember from my Christmas gift suggestions...

Injera and Chocolate Gravy chronicles the adventures of a family with 4 kids who were joined by a sibling group of 3 little ones from Ethiopia this year. Yikes!  I will freely admit that I find most adoption mega families somewhat strange and don't really agree with the philosophy of adopting as many children as possible, especially when other families are also interested in adopting those kids, but 7 seems to be a number that doesn't cross that threshold for me (watch out Ababa:-) and their little ones were on the waiting child list of their agency (as I'm sure you can imagine it takes a special kind of family to adopt a sibilng group of 3 toddlers/preschoolers) so I am 100% onboard with this family:-)  Since my secret dream (which Ababa isn't totally on board with yet) is to adopt a sibling group of 3 little ones, the family of Injera and Chocolate Gravy is sort of my hero:-)