Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our favorite newborn baby items so far...

My SIL is expecting a baby boy this summer, so before I forget I wanted to share our favorite baby items so far...We really do love everything we have for the baby as we tried to keep our list very streamlined and intentional. Pretty much everything was either purchased from craigslist, received as a gift, or gotten from our local parents listserve. We can't wait for baby E to be able to enjoy the toys and books and other items he received, but right now, at this newborn stage, these are our essential items:

Our Top 10 11 14 Baby Items

Dutailier Glider (we got ours in great condition for $25 off of craigslist!) and use it with this nursing stool since we don't have room for an ottoman.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets (we received these as a gift and use them for EVERYTHING, swaddling the baby, make-shift nursing cover, wiping spit-up or breastmilk leaks...super cute and super handy!)

Rock and Play Sleeper (this is the only place baby E will sleep besides my chest.  We did put the wedge insert from our Uppababy Cruz stroller in the seat to make it not such a steep angle and he was still too little for this the first few days home from the hospital, but this sleeper is AMAZING and we are still using it with the insert)

Britax Pavilion Car Seat (we skipped the newborn bucket seat in favor of this, it's an amazing seat and will last baby E for several years)

Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm (a life saver those first few days after labor, especially if you have stitches!)

Little Joeys Newborn Cloth Diapers (buy the brand name ones, the knock-offs from ebay look like the same design but seem to leak:-(  We have other newborn cloth diapers too, but these are our favorite and the only ones that Ababa will use)

Wool Nursing Pads (whatever you do, stick with medium.  Do not get the largest size as they are literally the size of dinner plates! These are way more comfortable than the cotton pads and don't leave you feeling damp)

Green Mountain Diapers Newborn Prefolds (Absolutely the best prefold diapers!  The newborn size work great on baby E as diapers, but also function as burp clothes, spit up wipers, heavy duty breast pads, changing table liners, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  We have newborn and infant sizes and used both to stuff B's pocket diapers.  We used these for 2 years with B and will likely use them for the next 2-3 years with baby E.  Our favorite cover is the rumparooz newborn but we also use thirsties)

Womb Sounds (this youtube link has increased our nighttime sleep by 50%)

Zutano Booties (these actually stay on and keep baby E's feet warm. We will be getting the next size up when he outgrows these.  They are great for a winter baby!)

Snusa Monitor (baby E sometimes likes to stop breathing which is terrifying and I have a friend whose son died of SIDS, so this monitor gives me some peace of mind at night...I do have a love/hate relationship with this monitor as it does have some false alarms when it comes out of contact with the baby, but I would rather that than the alternative...)

MIracle Blanket E is a great sleeper during the day, but the Miracle Blanket is living up to its name at night!  He LOVES it.

Sleeping Baby Productions Linen Ring Sling This is working SO much better for us than the Sleepy/Boba Wrap.  I think it may be the perfect newborn carrier and will also be handy in the summer b/c the linen is so breathable.  Plus I got it in purple with black rings and it is gorgeous!!!

Graco Sweet Slumber Machine Since the white noise/womb sounds have become part of E's necessary nighttime routine (for the whole night!) we invested in this so we could reclaim our laptop for work in the evenings.

I am still searching for the perfect nursing bra, nursing cover, and newborn baby carrier (baby E won't be big enough for our beloved Boba 2G carrier until he's almost 1).  I'll keep you posted when I find the right ones.  I just ordered materials to make nursing covers and to convert a regular bra to a nursing bra, so hopefully those projects will be successful.  Also, our sleepy/boba wrap is great, but difficult to maneuver in slushy NYC winters.  I just ordered a sleeping baby productions ring sling and hope that will be a winner (and it is!).

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome baby E and "scrummin' on the old man Joe"

Well, impatience must run in our family, because baby E made his debut on January 26, more than 2 weeks early.  We are in love:-)

My water broke, fast and hard contractions started immediately, and somehow my labor stalled about 12 hours in (turns out baby E was posterior, and tilted, and in general just wasn't a big fan of labor). There were lots of complications (group B strep, meconium, heart rate decelerations for baby E, hyperemesis for me to the point of vomiting blood and being severely dehydrated, a fever for me, baby E not tolerating pushing, and an IT guy who had to come into the delivery room to fix the frozen fetal monitor!...), labor was almost 40 hours long--the first 24 hours were totally natural and then I chose pitocin and an epidural over a c-section--at the end there was a vacuum and a small episiotomy, and literally until he was crowning, the midwife thought that I would still need to have a c-section...but, praise God I had a vaginal delivery and have had a very easy recovery.

Baby E was quite banged up from delivery (a big ridge on his forehead, small hematoma on the back of his head, etc. but he has a full head of straight black hair that covered it all up, so he just looks cute:-)  He's a great nurser and is gaining weight like a champ!

B has been a fabulous big brother and we are feeling very, very blessed.  Despite the difficult pregnancy and labor, about 12 hours after delivery I looked at DH and was like "let's do this again"...hormones are a powerful thing!!!  I pretty much did the same thing after we adopted B.  We were in the trial by fire period of the first week and I was already like, let's start another adoption.  Whether through pregnancy, adoption, or both, Ababa and I would very much like to have a third (and maybe fourth) child.  So, we'll see what God has in store for us...right now we are lovin' life with B and E.

B really, REALLY wanted a girl, so he's already got a plan that "mommy has more eggs, so we can have a girl next...and if we have three baby girls that's call triplets" YIKES!  B's family planning is even more extreme than mine:-)

B is obsessed with "I've been working on the railroad" lately and knows all the his own fashion....he is convinced there is a "dino" in the kitchen and that someone is "scrummin' on the old man Joe".  He cracks me up:-)

I love my boys!