Friday, October 17, 2014

My Funny Boys...I love them so!

B will be 6 (!) next weekend. How did that happen?

E will be 9 months old next week.  How did that happen?

Time is flying!

Ababa is in the thick of medical school applications, MCAT retakes, Bio Chemistry class and lab, rehabbing his back from a herniated disk/pinched nerve situation that had him completely bedridden for several weeks and has sidelined him for 2 months.  I am just trying to keep it together at work and home and enjoy my precious, precious boys.  Thankfully, they are awesome and provide tons of laughs to lighten our day.

Recent quotes from B just so we don't forget--this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I have great plans to go to bed early tonight, so keeping it short and sweet:-)

Mommy, do skunks have stinky milk?

Daddy, can we listen to the smooth, sweet, sweet sounds of Bob Marley?

Mommy, in school we learned about a man who wrote music and now he's dead and his name was...(I thought he'd say Bach or Beethoven or Mozart)...Bob Marley.

Mommy, the "hey, hey hey" song is written by Pharrell Williams and Robin Ficke.

Daddy, what is water made of? (molecules of hydrogen and oxygen) What are hydrogen and oxygen molecules made of? (atoms) What are atoms made of? (protons, neutrons, and electrons) What are protons, neutrons, and electrons made of? (quarks) Daddy, what are quarks made of? (um...)  **"why" questions are HUGE in our house right now. I am so grateful for my smart, science-y husband***

E is rockin and rolling and crawling and creeping and pulling up and standing without assistance on occasion and *this* close to walking. He is into everything and is such a good natured little guy.  He still wakes up 3-4 times a night to nurse so I am tired, but he's thriving and we are juggling the nursing/working mom thing in a way that's working for now, so I'll keep nursing at night at least until he turns one and/or decides he's ready to sleep through the night again (like he did from 2 months-5 months). Right now he has hand foot and mouth disease (cocksackie virus) with huge blisters on his hands and a rash and red spots all over his body and he's still cheerful and exploring with determination about 90% of the time.

Sweet brother love! B is such a great big helper with E:-)