Monday, September 2, 2013

A teeny tiny secret...

I've been AWOL this summer because, well, life has been insane...mostly because of

We are shocked and thrilled and very blessed, and I am sick...very, very sick.  17 weeks along, still puking regularly and nauseous every day, but praying that sometime soon I get to experience that alleged second trimester glow.

B is very interested in the whole, "how babies grow in the mommy's UTERNAS" (yep, that's what he calls it:-)  DH is truly holding down the fort at home!

Other than the 24/7 "morning sickness", we had great summer with family vacations and weekend trips.  

Lots to post re B as we just realized he has now been part of our family longer than any other living situation in his life.  He is definitely processing some things but we are so grateful he is our son and are loving the funny, energetic, quirky, smart, inquisitive little boy he is becoming!  We are all ready for back to school next week (PreK again) as he's getting a little bit of cabin fever:-)