Friday, January 20, 2012

We're still here...again...

Hopefully next week I'll be able to actually post a proper update, but for now:

-We're here but very tired
-Huge job changes for me
-B starts school (3 day a week daycare/preschool) next week--insert big sniffs and tears from mama and ababa, our little man is growing up and venturing into the world--we are nervous about this as it could negatively impact the attachment and bonding that our family has been building. Please pray that this is instead a positive experience for him and for us.  We did a lot of research and picked what we hope is the best school for him in our area and have been preparing him for going to school.  He's 3 and we've been a family for almost 7 months, but it feels so soon and so fast for him to "leave the nest"...we're just barely starting to come out of the cocooning phase!!! But, this is what has to happen for our family right now if at all possible (we have a plan B if it absolutely doesn't work, but we're hoping that it goes well)
-Ababa starts school next week
-I started back to school last week

Did I mention that we are tired?!?!?!?!?

On a lighter note, today B clipped a clothes pin onto each side of his collar (so there was a pin hanging down from each collar point).  We had no idea why he did this until he seriously explained, "mommy, those are my windshield wipers" and they kind of did look like that:-)

We gave him his tea set last week (I bought it while we were in the adoption process and it's been sitting in the closet ever since) and he loves it.  Many, many tea parties each day and we have to pray before each one!  It's so sweet.  The other day he and Ababa were having a tea party when I was at class and he made Ababa pray before "tea" and said, "Daddy, we have to pray for mommy".  That put a smile on my face in and in my heart for the rest of the day!